1417 Harris Ave
Modesto, CA 95351

Saturday July 27th

No fee to attend | Freewill offering accepted


The facts are alarming but our response shouldn’t be. Christianity is experiencing a precipitous decline in acceptance and belief in America. Our culture is growing increasingly secular and the church and her message are facing increasingly stringent legal backlash. How will you respond? Will you self isolate yourself in a Christian ghetto defined by anger and hatred at the changing world and those leading the secular agenda? Will you unwittingly fall into the hands of Satan and be used as a tool to perpetuate spiritual blindness by remaining silent? Or will you be what the Bible says you are in Christ: priests, ambassadors, and slaves to His cause?

There is no more pivotal time in the history of the modern church than the one we live in. There is no more pivotal time for you to take up Christ’s command to evangelize the world beginning at your neighbors door. Christs mission, done Christs way, with Christs conviction and compassion is what you will be called to during this 4 hour symposium. During this gathering you will:

1) Refine your identity in Christ as defined by the clear teaching of Scripture

2) Reload your mind with a Biblical understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

3) Rehearse principles and practices that lead to a presenting the gospel in a compelling and compassionate way

4) Participate in a live Q&A over lunch.

If the fields were ripe unto harvest in Christ’s day, how much more so today? The problem isn’t the lack of Harvest, its the lack of workers who will go into the field and reap the bounty of souls already prepared by Christ. Are you ready to receive the challenge and encouragement to see the world as a place filled with the light of the Gospel that you’ve been commissioned to help people see?