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Every fall we take a hike. This is no regular stroll through the woods though. Over the course of 6 miles round trip you will walk through mature forest, stop and incredible vista points, challenge yourself on this easy to moderate hike, and ultimately end up on a spectacular expanse of granite with 360 degree views of Yosemite Valley and Half Dome….all without the crowds.

Join us on October 12th as we hike North Dome with Pastor Scott as our guide. In addition to the spectacular scenery, Pastor Scott will share history, lore, and folk tale related to Yosemite. We will spend time reflecting on the glory of God in creation and enjoying the company of one another.

Men, women, and age appropriate children are invited. To help you make an informed decision about joining this hike or bringing your children please note the following

  • Everyone will be responsible for packing their own water. Plan on carrying a minimum of 2 liters of water per person.

  • The trail is 75% level, 20% mild uphill, 5% moderate uphill.

  • Most of the trail is shaded and our early start should ensure mild temperatures.

  • While the path is not stroller friendly, baby carrying backpacks are appropriate.

  • Each car is responsible for their own entry fee, carpooling participants will share the cost of entry.

  • Departure from Modesto 6:30am, 9am Hike starts, 3 pm estimated return to trail head.